Road Closures on the Selmon Expressway 3/1-3/9, 2021

Tampa, March 1, 2021 – Work times are from 7:00 pm through 6:30 am the following morning except where indicated (i.e., 3/5 through 3/7). 3/1 – NO WORK 3/2 – 3/3: 7:00 pm – 6:30 am – Ramp closures at Eastbound Willow Ave Exit Ramp, Westbound Plant Ave Exit Ramp for traffic signal loop replacement, and Westbound Bay […]

Since 2015, THEA has been working with the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) to integrate Connected Vehicle concepts into effective roadside elements, enhancing operational transportation capabilities. To date, the alerts have warned 14 wrong-way drivers on the REL ramp, helped drivers avoid 9 potential trolley crashes, and gave approximately 1,500-speed advisories a month on […]

The Tampa Bay region continues to expand with an influx of new residents in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. In 2020, Tampa Bay gained about 47,000 new people, marking this as a year that attracted one of the highest amounts of new residents gained in any year in the last decade. THEA is preparing […]

The Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority was established by the Florida Legislature in 1963 as a transportation option to bring roadway infrastructure projects online sooner without using public funding. Since then the agency has committed to the progress and future of the Tampa Bay region by providing regional connectivity to residents and visitors. In 2015, THEA […]

Tampa Bay is a densely populated metropolitan area with 3.1 million people, second only in the state to Miami, with a population of more than 4 million people. With low unemployment rates, a stable per capita median income, a world-class airport, and prominent business, education, technology, and health corridors, Tampa Bay is an attractive metropolitan […]

9 SEASONS 78.5 SACKS 380 QB PRESSURES 28.5 FORCED FUMBLES 6 PRO BOWLS With all eyes on the Buccaneers this week for the Super Bowl, we share a nod back to one of their most legendary players, Lee Roy Selmon. Lee Roy Selmon was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ first overall pick in the 1976 draft. […]

The Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) has installed the last concrete segment in the Selmon Extension. Installation of the segment marks the final major milestone in constructing the 1.9-mile toll lane and brings the project closer to completion. Once the final segment is placed and post-tensioned, the elevated roadway will be 80% complete, with an […]

Indisputably, 2020 brought big changes to the transportation industry and its models of operations. With the pandemic, people traveled less causing transportations agencies to pivot and adjust budgets. Despite the tremendous effects of COVID-19 on the global economy, the transportation industry remains dynamic with projects moving forward and the influence of cutting-edge technology.  Here are […]

THEA wants everyone who drives on the Selmon Expressway to take our 30-day challenge and put their cell phones down while driving. It is a dangerous habit, and many of you have already felt that drivers seem “spacier” than they used to be. Your mind literally can not handle the focus needed to simultaneously drive […]