How to Merge onto a Highway

How to Merge onto a Highway

Merging onto a highway can feel like one of the more stressful and demanding requirements of your drive. Despite all drivers taking pretty much the same type of driving skills test, many of us on the roads might need a refresher on what is the “right” way to merge onto the highway.

The Selmon Expressway has many on-ramps where drivers are required to merge into traffic quickly. We have seen drivers edge out other drivers, speed up, slow way down, honk, get scared, get mad, and everything else you can image. But take heart, there is a smooth and courteous way for achieving highway merging.

According to WikiHow, these are the steps to safe merging:

  • Accelerate to the same speed as highway traffic.
    Make sure you are attempting to go the same speed as highway traffic, use the on ramp as your chance to accelerate with an understanding of where others are on the road.
  • Put on your turn signal.
    Let others know your plan with the proper signal indicated.
  • Look for a gap in traffic.
    Check in your mirrors to see where the gaps are that you can safely merge with the traffic flow. Make a decision based on your observation and follow through with abruptness.
  • Check other cars’ “body language”.
    A car body language might be when you notice that a car has slowed down a pace to allow you in. Read the cues.
  • Don’t come to a stop in the merge lane.
    Stopping becomes dangerous for everyone. Traffic is safer when there is a flow.
  • Be kind when you see others merging.
    Allow people to safely enter into the highway by giving them space to move in. Create gaps between the cars in front of you.
  • Move to left lane if clear and safe.
    If you see a car merging into the highway, you may be able to move into the left lane. Check that it is safe and clear and then indicate with your turn signal that you are switching lanes.

It is always safer on the roads if drivers feel relaxed and less anxious. By being a courteous driver and allowing people space to merge, you create a better situation for all drivers. Knowing how to merge into a highway without stopping or slowing down also keeps the drivers that are already on the road more relaxed too. Flow and space make merging safest.
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