Road Trip Safety

The holiday road trip season is upon us! If you are visiting your family or friends for the holidays, driving can be an efficient and memorable way to travel. Below are some tips for planning your next road trip.

Give yourself plenty of time.

Getting a good night’s sleep and feeling well-rested for a long drive ahead is extremely important. Make sure you take an unhurried approach so that you are in the right mindset to tackle the trip. Organizing the car the night before, filling up your gas tank, and preparing your snack pack in advance can save time and hassle.

Pack light but concise.

Make sure you have lots of water and easy snack packs that are accessible when you are driving and not stored away in a rooftop carrier or trunk. Bring pillows and blankets for your passengers so that everyone is comfortable and happy on the long car ride. We all love our devices these days and with headphones for the passengers, everyone can listen to their own device and be entertained. 

GPS your trip based on your travel style.

You may be someone who is only focusing on the quickest arrival time and not the scenery or locations on the way. But if you are a little more flexible, you should incorporate stopping when there is something you have not seen before or to visit any special landmarks along the way. A leisurely stop will give the passengers in the car a chance to stretch their legs and offers an opportunity to explore a new destination.

Plan out your food stops.

While eating at the rest stops along the highway can lack ambiance and variety, you may find some unique food options at locations one turn away from where you were headed. Look for places that offer farm-to-table options with local produce or restaurants that represent the culture of the area.

Drive relaxed, alert and well-rested. Enjoy the ride.