Tips For Planning Your Next Road Trip

December is Road Trip season! Whether you have winter vacation planned or are visiting your family for the holidays, driving can be an economical (and even fun!) way to get there. Here are our top five tips for planning your next road trip.

Give yourself plenty of time.
The worst feeling on a road trip is rushing. If you slept late, packed too quickly that morning and don’t start your trip with the sense that you have time, the edginess will take away from the fun and cast a strain on everyone in the car.

Pack light but concise.
You are going to need plenty of snacks, waters and items of comfort for your passengers like a blanket or a pillow. Bringing some entertainment is also essential depending on the length of the trip. While your kids might have a tablet with video games, the driver might love an audio book. Some of these audio books are hours long and can be rented from the library for free!

GPS your trip based on your travel style.
You may be one of those people that sees the destination and doesn’t want to deter from that arrival point. But if your travel style is a little more flexible, planning a stop or two along the way to investigate can be a huge benefit of a road trip. It will give everyone in the car a chance to stretch the legs and explore a new place.

Plan out your food stops.
Eating along the way can be the most fun part of your trip. While eating at the truck stops along the highway can lack ambiance and variety, you may find some real food treasures at locations just slightly off the beaten path. You can look for places that offer farm to table options with local produce or restaurants that represent the area in a unique way. Whatever you are like to eat, a good meal always feels good!

Remember to stay calm, alert and enjoy the drive!

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