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REL Towing Policy

If a car is abandoned on the local lanes of the Selmon Expressway, the Road Ranger or the Florida Highway Patrol will post a notice on the vehicle and the owner has approximately 6 hours to remove the vehicle or it will be towed.  If a car is abandoned on the Reversible Express Lanes (REL) of the Selmon Expressway, the car must be removed/towed before the roadway can be reversed in a different direction. Vehicles will be towed approximately one hour before each reversal. The REL hours are Monday through Friday: 6 - 10 am - westbound towards Tampa, 10 am - 1 pm - split operation, and 3 - 6 pm - eastbound towards Brandon. On the weekends and holidays, the REL is eastbound towards Brandon. Times are approximate and subject to change.  If THEA tows from the REL, THEA will pay the initial towing fee.  Owners will be responsible for any storage fees incurred.


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