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Latest News: READ MORE

Community Beautification

We have commissioned artwork and murals, worked with neighborhood associations on underpass beautification projects, provided gateways, created an urban green spine in Downtown Tampa with pocket parks, and lit our bridges with vibrant colors for a dramatic illuminated display.


THEA is committed to safety for all modes of transportation and is a collaborative partner in helping the City of Tampa achieve its Vision Zero goals.

THEA initiated multiple project-specific safety enhancements aiming to reduce backups, improve safety and mobility, and increase pedestrian connectivity making Tampa a safer and smarter city to live in. It is important to mention that our organization was the first transportation agency to implement all-electronic tolling to further the Vision Zero goals by helping to maintain adequate traffic flows and keeping cars off neighborhood roads like Bayshore and Bay to Bay Boulevards.

We will continue to strive toward a strategy that will help eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries while increasing safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for all Tampa Bay residents.


Bay to Bay Boulevard
Swann Avenue
Morrission Gateway
Mississippi Avenue


Lights on Tampa

THEA partnered with the City of Tampa to light the Selmon Expressway bridge over the Hillsborough River in downtown. The agency began the project in August 2020 and spent roughly $8.5 million to make an aesthetic upgrade to the Selmon Extension.

The LED lights are wirelessly connected so the color can be programmed to fit a variety of occasions.


THEA is an agency committed to the progress and future of the Tampa Bay region. Along with using our toll revenues to provide our region with a transportation system that provides regional connectivity to our residents and visitors, we also partner with community organizations for beautification projects that activate urban spaces with public art.

Frames on Franklin
Brandon Tower
People Wall
Bask Mural, "Play Nice Tampa"
Selmon Statue
Tampa Together


As a local tolling agency of the state, THEA reinvests all the toll revenue in our community to improve safety and enhance neighborhoods. Not only do we invest in innovation that makes the roads we drive safer and spearhead projects to connect communities, but we also activate spaces near the Selmon Expressway underpasses with our Beautification Grants.

Here is how to get started:

  1. Neighborhood Association decides on a project and a point of contact
  2. THEA asks for a partnership with the Neighborhood Association
  3. Neighborhood submits project details to THEA with a $500 (non-refundable) application fee
  4. THEA and the Neighborhood Association meet to discuss project
  5. THEA does preliminary work to determine project feasibility & cost
  6. If THEA determines the project can go forward, the project is put into the work program – year to be determined by THEA financial constraints

Please contact [email protected] to begin the process.


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