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THEA understands the hustle of a typical workday can become overwhelming. The early mornings and long days can feel tedious at times, making the drive to work fall into the same category of repetition. THEA believes that your commute can be more than just a routine; it can be an opportunity for positivity, relaxation, and […]

February is a time to reflect on and celebrate Black History Month. THEA wishes to take this opportunity to pay homage to a true legend who left a mark on both the football field and the community – Lee Roy Selmon. Lee Roy Selmon, a Hall of Fame defensive end, played a crucial role in […]

THEA is proud to play a vital role in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in Tampa Bay. An annual event that highlights this commitment is the USF/Selmon Expressway Balsa Wood Bridge Building Competition, sponsored by THEA at USF’s Engineering Expo. This competition provides an exciting platform for middle and high school students in […]

The new year comes with exciting new adventures. 2024 brings new opportunities to actively engage with the community and THEA is jumping right in by sponsoring and attending numerous events throughout Tampa Bay. To kick us off, THEA is honored to attend the 34th Annual MLK Parade Gala – an extraordinary event to honor and […]

In a bustling city like Tampa, pedestrian safety is paramount. THEA is dedicated to fostering a community where pedestrians can navigate our city streets with confidence and security. THEA is constantly making strides to enhance pedestrian safety, making our city a safer and more pedestrian-friendly place for all. One of THEA’s primary focuses is enhancing […]

This holiday season it’s essential to prioritize safety on the roads when traveling to and from your family and friends. THEA encourages all drivers to adopt safe driving practices to ensure a joyous and accident-free holiday season. Here’s a few tips on how to stay safe while navigating the roads during this holiday season. 1. […]

In transportation, interoperability is a buzzword that represents a future where various systems work together through the latest technology to make travel more efficient and convenient. THEA is making significant strides in moving toward interoperability. In this blog, we will explore how THEA is embracing technology and innovation to create a more connected and convenient […]

THEA has proudly unveiled the eagerly anticipated East Selmon slip ramps for westbound drivers. This infrastructural upgrade adds two new lanes aimed at transforming the daily commute for countless drivers, addressing congestion hotspots, and providing a seamless entry and exit experience for drivers utilizing the Reversible Express Lanes (REL). Strategically located for westbound drivers, the […]

When THEA reconstructed Meridian Avenue in 2004, we pledged that once the Ardent Mills Flour Mill was demolished, we would remove the defunct railroad tracks that serviced the mill to help the City of Tampa create a better street grid system downtown.  We are following through on that commitment and have begun removing the tracks. […]

Halloween is a time of excitement for Tampa Bay children and adults alike. As children hit the streets trick-or-treating and adults head to the nearest party, the dark roads quickly become busy. While celebrating the fun night, it is crucial to remember the importance of road safety. Keep reading to learn some tips to stay […]


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