New Year’s Resolution: Be More Alert When Driving

With the advent of smartphones, driving distractions have never been more tempting. Checking social media, replying to an email, or calling to book an appointment, can be done from anywhere. But please, DO NOT DO THEM WHEN DRIVING!

 When driving, these simple distractions can significantly increase the likelihood of a crash, putting you and others in danger. So while we all start the new year with resolutions for healthy eating and more exercise, how about starting with an even more important change, one that can save your life or another person’s? 

One of the best resolutions you can make for yourself this year is the commitment to putting the phone down while you drive. The first day will be challenging, but like establishing any healthy habit, give it 30 days and you may find that driving is much more pleasant when you aren’t trying to get other things accomplished.

Your car is not your office!

It is not your breakfast, lunch, or dinner location!

It is not your beauty salon!

And it definitely is not your social media check-in time.


Put on some music, take a deep breath, and enjoy the view.