A Look Back on Tampa Bay- The Selmon Expressway and the Meridian

As an organization that has been in Tampa Bay since 1963, we have been on the cutting edge of innovation and a part of our area’s evolution into one of the fastest growing regions in the country. The progress in Tampa’s urban core during these fifty years has been tremendous and while we are always looking ahead to the future of our community, we are also interested in seeing where we have been.

To step back in time, we posted a social media contest to find vintage photos of areas that related to a couple of our properties in Tampa, the Selmon Extension and the Meridian Parkway. The photos were incredible and demonstrated how much has changed over the years. We hope you all enjoy seeing our collection from the contest and thank you for all the submissions!

Submitted by Mike Harrison, Old Seaboard Yards 1940’s

Submitted by Charles Greacen, 1974-1975

Submitted by Michelle James of her father working in Hyde Park, near Willow Avenue

Submitted by Real Tampa, 201 Meridian Avenue


Submitted by Real Tampa, 201 Meridan Avenue, 1958