Distracted Driving

In this day and age, when everyone has too many emails and too many places to be, distracted driving is a real problem and dangerous. If you have gotten into the habit of using your car as your home office or beauty parlor, here our THEA tips for safer driving.

1.    Identify your “distracted” habits

Become aware of what your distracted driving habits are- makeup, emails, texting, reading mail, etc.

2.    Set a 10-minute “driving gap”

A driving gap is where you give yourself 10 minutes before your drive time to accomplish whatever your distracted driving habit is before you get in the car. If you like to check your emails on the road, then you now have 10 minutes in your driving gap to do this. You will feel much more clear-headed and alert with this little bit of time before you head into your car.

3.    Get enough sleep and exercise

Distracted driving can be a result of pushing ourselves too hard without replenishing ourselves properly. Your mind will tend to wander and space out if you are not well rested. We also don’t process stress and the demands of our day as well if we haven’t had sufficient rest. Over time, this lack of sleep can lead to a mind that has a hard time focusing. Exercise has a role here too. Not only does exercise improve sleep, but it also clears some of the distractions of the mind. People feel more alert when they have a habit of exercise.

Remember, just drive. We guarantee you will love your drive more if you are not distracted away from the journey. #loveyourdrive