Eating And Distracted Driving

It turns out that in this age of multi-tasking, Americans are even changing the way they eat. Having a sit-down meal where we focus on eating is not happening as often it used to. The Huffington Post reported that a study done in 2015 found that we do almost 50 percent of our eating while concentrating on something else, up from just 20 percent 30 years ago.


So half of all our meals might take place in front a computer, while on a smartphone or driving in a car. While it is understandable that our lives are busy, the habit of eating and driving is proven to be unsafe.


It is estimated that 80% of car accidents occur because of distracted driving. Eating while driving is considered highly distracting because it impairs the driver on three levels:


  1. Visual

  2. Manual

  3. Cognitive


When focus is off on these three levels, the likelihood of an accident increases dramatically. When you eat or drink, your eyes often leave the road. Your hands also are not where they need to be on the steering wheel and your mind is not fully engaged in driving.


And one of the most dangerous things to consume while driving…. COFFEE! You can imagine how distracting spilling hot coffee is while you are driving on the highway!


So, please consider giving yourself just a few extra minutes to consume your food or beverage somewhere else besides your vehicle. We all make a difference when we make safer choices.


THEA thanks you for your focused driving. #loveyourdrive