Gandy Boulevard Update

The Selmon West Extension project is one of several potential projects that Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) has on their first-ever five-year work program. The Selmon Extension is a 1.6-mile toll lane that runs above the median of Gandy Boulevard that will allow a choice for local residents and regional travelers: use Gandy Blvd. for local destinations or use the Selmon Extension for a direct connection to the Selmon Expressway or the Gandy Bridge. Currently, we are updating the 2010 PD&E study.

Beginning the week of December 7th, commuters and residents along Gandy Boulevard will see trucks like the one in the picture in the median of Gandy Boulevard. These trucks are used to take soil samples to help determine design of the extension.

The trucks are expected to be on Gandy Boulevard for about three weeks and will NOT be disrupting traffic nor will they be working during peak traffic hours. Any landscaping that is disturbed will be re-planted.

For questions regarding the Selmon Extension please email, [email protected].