It’s National Bike Month!

May is National Bike Month. Celebrated from coast to coast, this brings awareness to the many benefits of biking, and Tampa is the perfect place. With THEA’s focus on connectivity and safe pedestrian pathways, let’s look at how you can celebrate!

Enjoy a ride on the Selmon Greenway

The Selmon Greenway is a 1.9-mile urban trail that links the neighborhoods of Ybor City Historic District and Channelside with the riverfront area of Downtown Tampa, safe for bikers and walkers who enjoy Tampa’s perfect weather and stunning views. A path stretching through some of Tampa’s most popular neighborhoods makes it the ideal place for a fun day on the town.

Tampa is proud to be a city that promotes healthy outdoor activities. THEA is honored to play a significant role in providing more green spaces that are safe for residents and visitors throughout the city.

Grab your friends and bikes, head out for a ride, and stop at your favorite restaurants and shops in Ybor, Water Street, or Downtown! Not only is a ride with friends good for your health, but it helps to support our local businesses here in Tampa!

THEA’s Tips for Bike Safety

One of THEA’s main priorities is pedestrian safety. Look along our bike paths throughout the city for colorful, textured paving and signage that marks trails and bike parking areas. Therefore, as you are biking, you can ensure you are in the proper zones to protect yourself from vehicles on the road.

Wear the proper attire. Although we live in the sunshine state, always make sure to wear sneakers while you are biking. Don’t wear flip-flops or open-toed shoes that could slip off or get tangled in your pedals. Also, wear a helmet! With pedestrian safety as a top priority for our bike paths, drivers can still be unpredictable, and protecting your head is essential to your safety. 

No Bike? No Problem!

The city of Tampa offers many bike-share options. This lets anyone in the city rent a bike for the day or as long as needed. These are perfect for both leisure and function, whether going for a joy ride or taking it to work.

With these tips and tricks, enjoy the Tampa sunshine and celebrate National Bike Month!