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Connected Vehicle Pilot – Offers Greater Rebates for Participants

August 6, 2018
Tampa, FL – The Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) is expanding the eligibility to allow more drivers to participate in the Connected Vehicle Pilot, an innovative research project that gives volunteers the opportunity to experience new equipment in their own cars.

Initially, THEA only offered the toll rebate to participating drivers who used the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway’s Reversible Express Lanes (REL). Now, participants who commute downtown using the Selmon Expressway’s REL or local lanes are eligible for the rebate. Participants will receive a 50% rebate on their toll charges, up to a maximum of $550.

Connected vehicles can communicate with traffic signals in downtown Tampa and with each other – helping to prevent crashes and keep traffic moving. THEA has already equipped more than 500 participant cars with connected vehicle equipment for the pilot.

THEA’s Connected Vehicle Pilot aims to demonstrate the safety, mobility and environmental benefits of connected vehicle technology. The U.S. Department of Transportation selected three agencies to be part of the Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program. The other two sites are New York City and the Interstate 80 corridor in the state of Wyoming. THEA’s project is unique in that it is the only CV pilot that involves local residents driving their own cars.

Drivers must meet certain criteria in order to participate. For example, they must be 18 years of age or older, own a car that is a 1996 model or newer, use the Selmon to commute into downtown or simply drive in downtown Tampa on a regular basis. Area residents who are interested in participating or want to learn more about the Pilot project are encouraged to take the online pre-screening questionnaire at to see if they are eligible.

After confirming their eligibility, prospective participants make an appointment for equipment installation and training. The equipment and installation are free of charge, and the toll rebate will accumulate up to a maximum of $550 until the pilot ends on January 31, 2020.


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