Parent-Teen Driving Contract

Getting your driver’s license is a rite of passage that excites most American teenagers. Driving brings freedom and independence, but can be a nerve-wracking experience for parents and rightfully so because driving a vehicle is an awesome responsibility.

To help parents and teen drivers create a basis of trust, we recommend families sign a parent-teen driving contract. This contract helps emphasize the importance of responsible driving to teenagers, and it allows parents set expectations of their teenager when they are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

We urge to please print and sign the parent-teen driver contract (courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Download Parent-Teen Driving Contact Here.

While a parent-teen driving contract may seem formal, it’s meant to create a moment for parents and teen drivers to discuss the many complex and simultaneous steps that go into safe driving. It can help ensure that parents and teenagers are on the same page about the expectations of driving alone or using the family car and the consequences for breaking the rules. By jointly setting the driving rules and expectations, teens are more likely to follow them.

By having regular conversations about expectations, driving safety, positive driving behaviors, and leading by example are vital steps parents can take to ensure that their teenager will make smart and safe decisions once they get behind the wheel.