Relax, it will make you a more courteous driver

Relax, it will make you a more courteous driver

Many of us drive in our cars back and forth to work. For some people, this is considered one of the worst points of their day. They may feel aggravated or angry at the hold-up in traffic or as a reaction to other drivers sharing the road with them. This elevated stress during your daily commute can be detrimental to your health over time. If you spend at least twenty minutes each day in your car and feel triggered with stress, you need to find some coping techniques before you carry this stress to work or home to your families. Here are several ways you can help yourself find a more relaxing and enjoyable commute:

  1. Listen to music or an audio meditation

Don’t listen to the news or a rowdy, inciteful DJ. Instead, let the music flow or play a relaxing meditation. Both are calming to the nervous system and will give you something to focus on that is not stressful in any way.

  1. Unplug from your phone and just look around

Driving in your car can be a great time for you to do nothing except notice what the world looks like all around you. The sky, the cloud formations, any trees or landscaping in the area, can all give you an appreciation for life.

  1. Take the “less congested route.”

Check out any news outlets or apps that tell you what to expect on your drive, to give you the ability to plan out an alternate route. There may be a less congested route that either has tolls or is a bit longer, but will save you the frustration of sitting through congestion.

  1. Give yourself enough time

Make sure you give yourself enough time to get ready for either your morning or evening commute so that you don’t feel frazzled and rushed. Planning well will make any delay on the road less stressful.

  1. Stretch and breathe

You can roll your shoulders while you drive, move your neck muscles, and you can take deep breaths. Even just five minutes of deep, belly breathing can lower stress hormones. We usually don’t have enough time during the day to focus on this, but your commute can be a perfect time to schedule a “breathing for health” moment.

A better commute means a better experience for you all day long and a better experience for all the people around you. #LoveYourDrive #CourtesyCounts #BeKind