Save Money on Tolls- Join the THEA Connected Vehicle Pilot Today!

We are recruiting now for the THEA Connected Vehicle Pilot Program but recruiting ends soon!

The THEA Connected Vehicle Pilot is a research project to test the potential safety, mobility and environmental benefits of connected vehicle technology. As a participating driver, you will have equipment installed in your car that will “talk” to other equipped cars to help prevent crashes. This wireless communication can help prevent crashes, keep traffic moving and even improve fuel efficiency.

If you qualify to be a part of the THEA CV Pilot, your car is outfitted with a small antenna, a new rearview mirror, and other equipment that will allow your car to connect to other vehicles and infrastructure. The equipment is free and yours to keep. 

Best of all, participating drivers will receive a 50% toll rebate for travel on the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway, up to a maximum of $550. If you commute to or from downtown Tampa, you can save up to $550 on tolls!

To participate, you must be 18 years or older, have a Florida driver’s license and drive regularly in the downtown Tampa deployment area. Additional criteria apply, so take the driver eligibility questionnaire today.

We have already equipped 10 buses and 10 streetcars and over 700 cars that move through downtown Tampa.

 Registration closes soon. Be a part of the THEA CV Pilot program and start saving on your Selmon Expressway tolls!

THEA CV Pilot Participant Shares His Registration Experience