The Benefits of Dog Parks

Why Dog Parks Rock

A visit to a dog park can benefit both you and your pet. They are excellent places for your animal to socialize and let out pent-up energy but they are also good for their human owners. If you haven’t been to a dog park recently, here are a few reasons from the AAA State of Play of why you should:

1. Fresh Air – Dogs and humans are not meant to spend the whole days inside. Our bodies and minds love getting outside and breathing in fresh air. Visit a dog park and getting fresh air can set your day off right or be the perfect antidote to end a stressful workday.

2. No Leash – Both owner and dog enjoy the freedom of moving without a leash. The owner can sit back and watch their animal run freely without having to guide them in one direction or the other.

3. Socializing – Socializing is a major component of health for your dog, and dog parks offer a chance to play with a variety of dogs. And socializing is essential for humans too! You get to chat with other dog lovers and enjoy their company too.

4. Watch Your Pet Play – Studies show that watching your pet play, lowers your stress levels and is beneficial for your mind. You might smile, your body might relax, and you become more present mentally when you watch your pet play.

When we watch our pets play, we aren’t rehashing the problems of our days or the tasks of tomorrow. We are simply enjoying the time spent outdoors and together.