The Deputy Kotfila Memorial Dog Park Closure for Deep Cleaning

Dear Pet Owners,

Wow, 2020 has been a RUFF year! But that doesn’t mean everything has to go to waste. We need your help in keeping the Deputy Kotfila Memorial Dog Park clean and healthy for you and your pet.

We are happy so many dogs and their humans like to play under the shade of the Selmon Expressway. But, being popular means lots of maintenance on our end – we empty the trash, supply poop bags, maintain the drinking fountains, irrigate often, and pressure wash the turf every two weeks!

Unlike other dog parks, we don’t get the cleansing effects from Florida’s afternoon showers, so when pet parents don’t clean up after their four-legged friends, the park starts to smell. And, let’s not forget, the growing collection of dog waste can be hazardous to all. Unfortunately, the stinky lack-of-action of the minority ruin the enjoyment of the dog park for the majority.

Even though we regularly pressure-wash the park, community neglect has prompted us to take a drastic measure and temporarily close the park.

The Deputy Kotfila Memorial Dog Park will be closed from Friday, October 23rd to Monday, October 26th for deep cleaning.

Do your part and a little extra, if you see dog waste, please pick it up. We are in this together, let’s keep our park clean and beautiful!

Thank you in advance for your help!

Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority