Toll-by-Plate Frequently Asked Questions

Toll-by-Plate Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which THEA operated roads are tolled?
Currently, only the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway is tolled. The Lee Roy Selmon Expressway is a 15-mile all-electronic toll roadway that links Gandy Boulevard in South Tampa to Interstate 4, Interstate 75, and the community of Brandon in Hillsborough County. The tolls collected on the Expressway are used to maintain, improve, and expand THEA’s assets.

2. What is All-Electronic tolling? How are tolls collected for this type of roadway?
All Electronic Tolling is a booth-less, cashless tolling system where your vehicle information is captured via a SunPass transponder or a license plate photograph. The replacement of traditional toll booths with electronic gantries helps maintain a consistent speed on the roadway and reduces safety concerns and carbon emissions from the stop and go traffic as you approach a toll booth.
The Lee Roy Selmon Expressway became an All-Electronic Toll Roadway in September 2010.

3. How does Toll-by-Plate Work?
Toll-by-Plate is an image based electronic toll collection method that captures photographic images of vehicle license plates to identify the vehicle passing through the toll gantry. After the image is captured and matched to a toll location, a search is completed on the vehicle’s registration and an invoice is sent to the address on file. Toll-by-Plate customers pay 25 cents more per tolling location and each invoice includes an administrative fee. Toll invoices are due in full within 30 days and can be paid online at

4. Why is there an Administrative Fee?
The administrative fee included in each Toll-by-Plate invoice covers the cost of reviewing vehicle images, toll location records, searching for vehicle registration information, preparing and mailing statements, and processing toll payments.

5. Is there a way to save on tolls?
Yes. SunPass users pay 25 cents less per toll and SunPass does not have an administrative fee. SunPass accounts can be replenished with cash, check or debit cards at nearly 5,000 retail locations throughout Florida.

6. Can a SunPass customer receive a Toll-by-Plate invoice or collection notice?
Yes. A SunPass customer can receive an invoice or collection notice if:

  • the credit or debit card being used for automatic replenishment expires or is canceled.
  • the account does not have sufficient funds to cover the toll(s).
  • the license plate number is not on the account. Sometimes, the SunPass transponder is not read correctly. When that happens, the system takes a picture of the license plate to verify the SunPass account. If the license plate is not in the SunPass system,  a Toll-by-Plate invoice is sent to the address on the registration of that vehicle.

If a customer is a SunPass account holder and receives a Toll-by-Plate invoice, please call the number on the invoice. They will be able to help you and if the tolls are less than 90 days old, a customer would be able to have them paid from their SunPass account, at the SunPass rate.

7. How can I dispute a charge on my invoice?
If you have a question about your Toll-By-Plate charges, please call the number on your Toll-By-Plate invoice.

8. What if I don’t pay an invoice on time?
Initial invoices from THEA are due within 30 days, which include the toll charges and an administrative fee to locate your vehicle information and prepare your bill. If payment is not received within 30 days, you will receive a second invoice in the mail, which would include all of the charges from your first invoice PLUS any new tolls you’ve acquired since that bill (plus a new administrative fee) and you have 30 days to pay the new total.

If payment is still not received by the second invoice, then individual tolls that are 60 days old are sent to the collection agency and additional fees are applied. It is important to note that if payments – even full payments – are not received on time, individual tolls may be sent to a collection agency for payment.

Payment to the collection agency is due within 30 days. If payment is not received in that time frame, a second collection notice goes out, with the charges from your first collection notice PLUS any individual tolls that are now 60 days old. Payment to the collection agency is due within 30 days of receiving the second collection notice.

If payment is not received after two collection notices, THEA places a registration hold on your vehicle. A registration hold on your vehicle prohibits you from renewing your vehicle registration until you pay your outstanding balance. Payments for collection agency invoices can be made at To remove a registration hold, customers should call the number on their collections invoice.

9. Can I use the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway if I’m driving a rental car?
Yes. Most car rental companies give customers the option of renting a toll transponder, which is linked to the credit card on file to pay for the rental vehicle for the duration of the rental period, or linking the credit card on file to pay for any Toll-by-Plate charges for the vehicle during the rental period. These toll charges, plus any applicable administrative fees, will be billed to you through the car rental company. Please check with your car rental company on their toll transponder or Toll-by-Plate policies.

10. How can I speak to someone regarding toll charges on the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway?
Toll-by-Plate 1-888-824-8655  Website:
Collections 1-877-258-5205  Website
If you have toll questions or concerns, you can contact THEA using the Contact Us page of our website or by e-mailing us at [email protected].