Our Collections Agency Changed

Our Collections Agency Changed

You may have noticed mail and invoices from a company named ETAN Industries. Perhaps you set it aside and are trying to figure out who they are and how they located you, or perhaps you threw it away thinking that it was junk mail. ETAN Industries is THEA’s newest Collections Agency, and they are contacting you regarding outstanding toll-by-plate charges.

To continuously provide the best service to our customers, both in terms of cost and technology, THEA periodically puts service contracts out to bid. In October 2016, THEA changed collection vendors from Linebarger, Goggan, Blair, & Sampson, LLC (LGBS) to ETAN Industries (ETAN). All of the delinquent toll invoice information was given to ETAN by LGBS, and in December 2016, ETAN began mailing out notices to our customers. These notices were labeled “First Collection Notice,” so some customers assumed this was the first piece of mail they were receiving on their outstanding charges when in reality, it was at least the fourth piece of mail they’d received on their outstanding bills, (insert link to previous toll-by-plate blog).

If you’re using Toll-By-Plate, please make sure the address on your vehicle’s registration matches your current address so that you can receive invoices in a timely manner. Be sure to open all invoices and pay your bills within the designated timeframe to avoid additional fees and collection notices. Lastly, if you think you’ve paid all of your tolls and you get another notice – don’t ignore it! Sometimes a late payment can cause individual tolls to be sent to collections.

The easiest way to ensure that your toll bills are paid in full and on time is to use SunPass. Using a SunPass will save you time, money, and energy. It’s important for SunPass account holders to (1) have money in the account for tolls (2) have the correct license plates for all vehicles (3) make sure that a debit/credit card is valid to avoid invoices and collection notices.

If you’ve received a collection notice from ETAN and are unsure about the charges on your bill, please call the agency at 1(877) 258-5205 and ask for documentation of all tolls and payments. You can work directly with ETAN to arrange for payment of all outstanding charges. You can also contact THEA Toll-By-Plate at 1(888) 824-8655 or [email protected] and check any charges you may have at collections anytime at THEA-tolls.com. We will work with you to help pay your outstanding charges and #loveyourdrive.