Apps to Use to Stay off Your Phone

THEA wants everyone who drives on the Selmon Expressway to take our 30-day challenge and put their cell phones down while driving. It is a dangerous habit, and many of you have already felt that drivers seem “spacier” than they used to be. Your mind literally can not handle the focus needed to simultaneously drive your automobile and pay attention to your phone. Let’s not accept this as the norm. Here are a few apps that will help you stay mobile free while you drive:


The BreakFree app helps you monitor usage and gives you an “addiction” score. You might be surprised how often you REALLY check your phone. It can disable your notifications and go into a sleep mode during times when you are driving or want to enjoy quality family time.

ATT Drive Mode

This app silences text messages while you are driving and will auto-reply to them. The app turns on when the car moves and helps you avoid glancing at your phone to check texts.


Moment helps to teach you how to use your phone less. You set limits on how often you are using your phone, and it will alert you when you are going over your limit.

Take the 30 Day Challenge and see if you can set a new habit with your phone time!