April 3-7: National Work Zone Safety Week

BE AWARE: National Work Zone Safety Week is April 3-7

We all know that talking on your cell phone, eating or looking at your navigation is considered driving while distracted. But what about changing radio stations? Talking with friends? Brushing your hair? Anytime that you do something that takes your eyes off the road, your hands off the wheel, or your mind off of driving – you are a Distracted Driver!!

Distracted driving is dangerous for everyone on the road, especially for our road workers.

Tampa is a growing, vibrant city. You can see that in all of the road and high rise construction happening all over the city. These construction employees work close to where you are driving, so it is more important than ever that you are alert and giving the task of driving your full attention. Obviously it can be dangerous for the workers, but it can also be dangerous for you, the driver!

According to the USDOT Federal Highway Administration, there are almost 1,000 fatalities – including drivers – every year in work zone crashes. You can avoid becoming a statistic by implementing a few extra safety precautions:

? Slow down when you see a work zone
? Give your full attention to driving – hands on the wheel, eyes on the road
? Be mindful of flaggers and the directions they are giving drivers
? Slow down for cones or other indicators that workers are near your lane
? Be patient with the employees and the construction delay – they are just doing their jobs and trying to improve our town

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