Personal Groom is Distracted Driving

Don’t Do it! Personal Groom is Distracted Driving.

April is a great month to make changes that improve your driving and the safety of everyone on the road. First, decide on what music you want to listen to before you start driving. Second, put your mobile device out of reach.

Distracted driving accidents are the cause of the majority of accidents on our roadways today. When you are multitasking, your mind has at least two things going on at once, so your ability to pay attention decreases. Therefore, having two or more things going on in your mind means your brain is processing information in a different manner than when you are focused on one task. When this happens, you may miss obvious hazards on the road.

You are a distracted driver when you are talking on your phone (hands-free or not), texting, eating food, or doing any kind of personal grooming, like shaving or putting on makeup!

A recent Virginia Tech Transportation Institute study found applying lipstick (or any other makeup) can increase the driver’s chance of getting into an accident by three times! Whereas, talking on the phone upped the risk by 1.3 times.

Some states have passed laws forbidding “grooming,” or putting on makeup while driving and have serious penalties for breaking the law. In California, if you are shaving or applying makeup while driving you may get a ticket for a moving violation under their driving while distracted law. A ticket can cost anywhere from $159 and up.

So make a commitment to yourself and all the other people you share your commute with, no more personal grooming in the car! It is not worth the risk of harming or killing another human being, and it is a risk that is 100% avoidable. Give yourself more time in the morning or between appointments, not only will you be less stressed out you will make everyone’s commute safer! Let’s just stop this dangerous habit altogether.
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