Community and Environmental Commitment on Brandon Parkway

At THEA, part of our commitment to the community is giving back, providing options and opportunities for healthy lifestyle activities, and being environmentally responsible. The Brandon Parkway is one way that we follow through with our commitments. 

The Brandon Parkway is a three-mile toll-free parkway that provides pedestrian and biking paths for safe recreation and healthy living. We take the natural environment as seriously as we do in maintaining our expressway. Along this path, there are several places to reflect on park benches, walk alongside ponds and lakes, and many opportunities to admire nature.

A fun fact about how we maintain our stunning grounds is that we employ Lake Doctors to care for and service the ponds on the Brandon Parkway. Their licensed Aquatic Technicians do regular sedimentation studies, shoreline restoration, removal of pollutants, water quality improvement through EPA-approved treatments, and other services that aim to protect the overall well-being of the waterways.

Monthly treatments from the Lake Doctors involve innovative maintenance techniques that their lake management specialists and biologists conduct. They use best management practices (BMP) and integrated pest management techniques, which are science-based lawn and landscape practices that help conserve and protect ground and surface waters with as few chemicals as possible.

Healthy ponds and lakes are an indicator of a healthy environment. Therefore, we strive to maintain healthy waterways and preserve the nature surrounding them. From peaceful mornings to tranquil afternoons and evenings that feel a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Brandon Parkway awaits you.