Enhancing the Selmon Greenway: A Vision for Safety, Aesthetics, and Wayfinding

THEA is honored to enhance the Selmon Greenway this spring! The Greenway Thermoplastic Striping project is a comprehensive undertaking that aims to enhance the Selmon Greenway Trail on various fronts. The primary objectives include improvements in safety, aesthetics, and wayfinding elements, all of which contribute to creating a more accessible and visually appealing environment for the community. This is the first step in working towards the Greenway Master Plan efforts.

Key Components of the Project:

Green Thermoplastic Striping: One of the project’s central elements involves applying green thermoplastic striping on each side of the Selmon Greenway Trail. This serves a functional purpose by enhancing safety and contributes to the trail’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Wayfinding Signage: Navigation is a crucial aspect of any trail system. The addition of wayfinding signage will guide users along the Selmon Greenway, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for pedestrians and cyclists.

Multi-Colored Route Shields: To further the wayfinding, multi-colored route shields featuring the Selmon Greenway logo will be placed throughout the trail. These visually distinctive markers not only serve a practical purpose but also contribute to the identity and branding of the Greenway.

Installation of Bollards: Safety is THEA’s priority, which is addressed by installing bollards at select locations. These bollards act as protective barriers, enhancing the overall safety of the trail for its users.

Repair of Greenway Trail: As part of the initiative, a short concrete section of the Greenway Trail, spanning from the Tampa Riverwalk to N. 19th Street in downtown Tampa (approximately 1.664 miles), will undergo repairs. This repair work ensures the longevity and sustainability of the trail, providing a smooth and well-maintained pathway for residents and visitors.

It’s crucial to recognize that the Greenway Thermoplastic Striping project is more than a collection of construction tasks. It signifies the initiation of efforts aligned with the Greenway Master Plan. This plan envisions a network of interconnected trails and green spaces that enhance the quality of life for the Tampa community.