Here are some helpful tips to help you and your family start your day off on the right foot!

The way you and your kids start your day is important. The morning routine sets the tone for the day, so it’s helpful for everyone in your family when it feels relaxed and pleasant.

  • Make sure to get up early enough that you and your family don’t feel rushed and stressed
  • Allow time for a good breakfast that gives you enough fuel to handle the demands of your day
  • Make lunches the night before
  • Check emails or social media once you are at work or after the kids are at school

Our roads help by making your morning commute efficient and smooth. Many families use the Selmon Expressway to get their children to the magnet schools in the area. If your kids are not going to their neighborhood schools, the Selmon Expressway can save you precious moments moving and grooving to your favorite tunes instead of stuck in highway traffic. And using SunPass saves you 25 cents on each toll!