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Collections Notice Clarification from THEA

THEA Invoices sent by our Collections agent were for unpaid Toll-By-Plate tolls that are no longer being invoiced through the FDOT CCSS system.

Per the CCSS business process, when Toll-By-Plate invoices are not paid within 60-days they are removed from the CCSS system and returned to THEA for collections. These tolls still need to be paid. THEA wanted our customers to have another chance to pay those tolls without fees.

In March, the Governor directed that CCSS invoices will not include fees until June 1, 2019.  THEA’s invoice complies with – and adds another month to – the Governor’s directive.  THEA will accept payment of the invoices we sent until July 1, 2019 – without any fees. 

THEA sent the Collection invoices because the CCSS system could not provide the option. Using our collections agent now was the only means we had to give our customers extra notice and opportunity to pay without fees.

The THEA collection notice asks payment for only the past-due tolls.  An insert was included with the Collections invoice that very clearly indicated that no fees are included on this Collections invoice. (see below).

The Collection invoices THEA sent are for unpaid tolls that would otherwise sit dormant until normal collection efforts resume this summer.  When normal collection efforts resume for unpaid tolls, late fees will be added.  THEA’s Collections invoice gives our customers another reminder to pay before fees are added.   

Of note, all of the customers we are invoicing have received at least three invoices from the CCSS system and have not paid the tolls due. Most have received more than three notices. Over 40% of the customers we have invoiced with this effort were already in our collections process for past-due tolls prior to the CCSS system starting over a year ago, in June of 2018.

Rather than wait for a later notice with fees, we wanted to give our customers who still have unpaid tolls another chance to pay without fees.  This is an additional notice and opportunity for them to pay past due tolls that could not be provided under the CCSS invoicing system.

Since before the CCSS system went live in June 2018, THEA always encouraged and helped Toll-By-Plate customers to convert to SunPass transponders.  THEA offers free SunPass-mini transponders to Toll-By-Plate customers that are looking to ease the process of paying tolls – and to save money for themselves.  The SunPass program not only allows customers to automatically pay and audit toll transactions but also provides savings in discounted toll rates.

To inquire about a free SunPass-mini transponder, courtesy of THEA, please email us at [email protected] .   


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