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Latest News: THEA to Inject Over $882 Million into Local Economy READ MORE
Latest News: THEA to Inject Over $882 Million into Local Economy READ MORE
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THEA to Inject Over $882 Million into Local Economy

THEA Board Unanimously Approves the Agency’s Six-Year Work Program

Tampa, FL (July 1, 2024) – Today, the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) Board of Directors voted unanimously to adopt a $882M Six-Year Work Program. THEA’s 2025-2030 Work Program defines and allocates funds to projects that will effectively connect the neighboring Tampa Bay communities while improving safety and regional mobility.

“Transportation is a cornerstone of Tampa Bay’s continued growth and prosperity,” stated Greg Slater, Executive Director/CEO of THEA. “Our Six-Year Work Program exemplifies our commitment to creating a forward-thinking transportation network that is both efficient and visionary. By integrating cutting-edge technology and focusing on the community’s evolving needs, we aim to enhance accessibility, improve quality of life, and support the economic ambitions of our region.”

Highlights of the Six-Year Work Program include:

1. Infrastructure Improvements

  • Whiting Street Improvements
  • South Selmon Capacity Project
  • Selmon East – Phase 1 (EB 50th to 78th)
  • Selmon East/US 301 Ramp Enhancements

2. Selmon Greenway Improvements

  • Greenway Improvements from Whiting to Kennedy
  • 12th Street Park
  • Selmon Greenway – Selmon Park to Jefferson
  • Hillsborough River Health Trail

3. Infrastructure Studies

  • Downtown Ramp Analysis and PD&E
  • US 301 – Big Bend to Lee Roy Selmon Expressway

4. Technology & Innovation

  • Roadside Toll Collection (RTCS) Replacement
  • Operational Back Office System (OBOS) Replacement

THEA’s $882M Six-Year Work Program was developed to timely respond to Tampa Bay’s current and future needs. It sets an ambitious goal for the Authority to stay at the forefront of a changing region and mobility landscape as the community continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. THEA is committed to providing seamless mobility solutions. The agency is projected to invest $882.8 million in community enhancements and Selmon capacity expansion projects and approximately $61.2 million in preservation projects over the next six years.

“Through strategic planning and robust partnerships, we are dedicated to building sustainable infrastructure that will safely serve Tampa Bay and the users of our system for generations to come,” added THEA Board Chair Vincent Cassidy.

As a leader in transportation solutions, THEA has earned accolades for cutting-edge projects, such as the first reversible All-Electronic Tolling (AET) lanes, Autonomous Vehicle Technology (AVT) test bed designation, and the THEA Connected Vehicle Pilot. The 2025-2030 Work Program continues to prove the agency’s commitment to enhancing the community’s multimodal connectivity, health, and livability with the Selmon Expressway network, Selmon Greenway multi-use trail, and pocket parks.

Read THEA’s complete 2025-2030 Work Program by clicking here.



Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) is an award-winning and dynamic transportation agency that owns, manages, and operates the Selmon Expressway, Meridian Avenue, Brandon Parkway, and the Selmon Greenway. The agency is committed to bringing the best technology and most progressive mobility concepts possible to address current and future transportation challenges.

THEA processes 58 million toll transactions and serves almost 2 million customers annually. As a community champion, THEA spearheads public-private partnerships for multimodal transportation, promote transit-oriented development and invest in walk/bike-friendly neighborhoods. All upcoming and current projects are funded 100% through THEA’s toll and bond revenues, ensuring that finite taxpayer dollars are reserved for other transportation and community needs.



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