Places To Beat The Heat in Tampa Bay

Places To Beat The Heat in Tampa Bay

Sometimes as Floridians, we feel like hibernating not in the beautiful cool winter months as people in other parts of the country, but in the sweltering Summer months when we have a blanket of thick humidity looming in the air. You don’t have to spend your whole summer cocooned in your living room with movies and books. There are other options! Here are some ideas for some summertime fun without frying in the heat:

The Beach

Bring an umbrella and hit one of our world-renowned beaches. Dipping in the water will chill your skin and the shade of the umbrella will get you out of the steady stream of our intense Florida sun. And if you go in the early evening, chances are you will have a pleasant sea breeze to cool the air.

Play at the Replay Museum in Tarpon Springs

We love interactive museums, and this one is all about playing as the museum is filled with arcade games and pinball machines. You’ll even be able to play some of your favorite arcade games! If your kids don’t know what a pinball machine is, this summer is time to introduce them to the old school game.

Visit a Florida Spring

The water in the springs found throughout the state of Florida maintain a cool temperature, typically around 70 degrees. Not only are they a gorgeous with crystal blue water and a unique natural beauty, but the fresh water feels amazing when the temperatures rise. Many like Weeki-Wachee and Rainbow Springs, can be reached with less than a two-hour drive from Tampa. The weather channel has a full list of must visit Florida Springs.