Secret Benefits of Being a Courteous Driver

Courteous Driver Tips

Being a courteous driver means more than just being kind on the roads. It is a way of driving that benefits our entire community and makes our roads so much safer. To be a courteous driver, we respect the other drivers and the rules of the road without thinking that our need to arrive to our destinations quickly is the most important thing. When you are courteous, we all benefit in ways that are not always so apparent:

Less Stress, Less Accidents

When people are practicing courteous driving, they are more alert to their surroundings and the other cars. This alertness can lead to better decision making and quicker reaction times leading to fewer traffic accidents.

Fewer Accidents, Lower Insurance

The fewer accidents you are involved in, the lower your insurance. Many accidents can be avoided with courteous driving and making space for the other cars on the road. Getting to your destinations safely is a priority and will also save you money over the years.

Lower Insurance, More Extra Money

When your monthly bills are lower, you have more money to spend on the things you love and to save.

Take a few steps now to start your courteous driving and think of all the benefits you are offering to yourself and your community. Some ways to be a courteous driver: Go the speed limit, let others into your lane when they signal and it is safe, accommodate for merging vehicles, be mindful of pedestrians, drive without your cell phone and other distractions, and stay relaxed while you drive.

Thank you to all the drivers every day who are taking the time to make our driving experience better.
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