Selmon Extension Implements Cutting-Edge Design

The Selmon Extension has a unique design that has never been built in the US. These fins are not just for aesthetics, they help support the bridge deck that enables longer span lengths between pier columns and allow a reduced height cross-section for the precast segments.

The elevated bridge is three different bridge types combined. These include precast concrete segments, steel tub girders, and prestressed concrete beams. A total of 744 segments were precast offsite and transported to the project site for erection and post-tensioned into the viaduct structure. The Selmon Extension is considered to be a viaduct, a specific type of bridge that consists of a series of piers or columns supporting the long-elevated road.

Back in 2017, we asked the community to vote on the Selmon Extension’s aesthetic design. The Tampa Bay community overwhelmingly chose the “Estuary” design for the Extension’s columns and fins, the cream-and-blue pattern representing nature envisioned in the form of a river delta.

We also listened to the business community’s concerns and designed a 30’ bridge (double the height of a standard bridge), to ensure the visibility of the businesses on both sides of Gandy Boulevard. Our team visited almost 70 Gandy businesses and continued ongoing communications throughout the project with existing and new businesses. Since construction, thirteen new businesses opened along Gandy Boulevard. We listened and kept our promises! 

We are excited to provide a safer, smarter, and more connected choice for residents and regional travelers from Brandon to the beaches!