THEA Cares: Implementing Vision Zero Goals for Pedestrian Safety

In October, Major Jane Castor announced the City of Tampa’s commitment to Vision Zero. The Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) has always been committed to safety for all modes of transportation and is happy to continue helping the City of Tampa reach its Vision Zero goals. 

THEA initiated multiple project-specific safety enhancements aiming to reduce backups, improve safety and mobility, and increase pedestrian connectivity making Tampa a safer and smarter city to live in. For example, on Euclid Avenue, the agency implemented the following initiatives into its project plans to comply with the Vision Zero movement:

    • Added two left-turn lanes to reduce backups and help with traffic flow
    • Added additional two traffic signals to improve safety and mobility
    • Provided a new crosswalk and pedestrian signal at the Lynwood Avenue intersection to improve pedestrian circulation
    • Added dedicated bike lane markings and 735 feet of sidewalk on the north side of Euclid Avenue to improve pedestrian connectivity

These project improvements are only a few examples of how THEA contributes to Vision Zero efforts. It is important to mention that our organization was the first transportation agency to implement all-electronic tolling to further the Vision Zero goals by helping to maintain adequate traffic flows and keeping cars off neighborhood roads like Bayshore and Bay to Bay Boulevards. 

Our Planning and Innovation team is dedicated to assisting the City of Tampa in achieving Vision Zero goals. Our agency conducted extensive research to establish how our agency will be able to contribute to the movement. The project improvements will reduce:

    • Overall crashes by 17%
    • Property damage type crashes by 18%
    • Injury type crashes by 22%
    • Multiple-vehicle crashes by 29%

Our agency is thrilled to work with the City of Tampa to continue to strive toward a strategy that will help eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries while increasing safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for all Tampa Bay residents.