SunPass Saves: A Must Know for Tampa Bay Residents

As a proud member of the Tampa Bay community, we want to help everyone who drives the Selmon Expressway understand the benefits and discounts available with the SunPass savings program.

What is SunPass?

SunPass is Florida’s Toll Savings Program. All the major roads in Florida are converting to all-electronic, no cash tolling which offers emissions savings for our environment, is safer for our drivers, and removes the hassles of having to carry cash all time. By becoming a SunPass customer, you could save over $40 in tolls and admin fees annually if you drive from South Tampa to Downtown Tampa once a week on the Selmon.

What are the BENEFITS of having a SunPass?

  • Toll Savings: SunPass customers are offered a $.25 discount on tolls compared to the Toll-by-Plate customer.
  •  No Administrative Fee: each monthly bill mailed to a Toll-by-Plate customer is charged a $2.50 administrative fee. With SunPass, there is never an administrative fee!
  •  Works on All Florida Toll Roads: drive hassle-free on Florida’s network of toll roads, including Florida Express Lanes, and most bridges.
  •  Pay for Parking: pay for parking at most major airports in Florida and the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami with your SunPass account.
  •  Easy Mobile Access: access and manage your accounts on the free SunPass mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Where to BUY a SunPass?

SunPass can be purchased in stores (Publix, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Amscot, AAA, Navarro, Sedano’s) or ordered on the SunPass official website.

There are two types of SunPasses:

  • SunPass Mini ($4.99)
  • SunPass Portable ($19.99)

 What is the DIFFERENCE between the SunPass Mini and SunPass Portable?

SunPass Mini is designated to one vehicle and cannot be reinstalled to any other vehicle. In contrast, a SunPass Portable can be used in multiple vehicles. Most people choose a SunPass Mini but if you plan to move between vehicles or own a motorcycle, then the SunPass Portable makes sense for you.

How to ACTIVATE a SunPass and Start Saving on Tolls?

There are multiple ways of opening a SunPass account:

  • Online at
  • 1-888-TOLL-FLA (1-888-865-5352), Mon-Fr, 7 AM – 7 PM and Sat 8:30 – 5 PM
  • Download the free app

During the online activation process, you will need to know the plate number of your vehicle and your banking information. You can tie your SunPass account to your credit or debit card, then you pick the amount of money you would like to put on your actual SunPass and add a security question for security purposes.

Keep in mind you need to put a minimum of $10.00 on his/her account with a credit or debit card, otherwise, the SunPass will not work. You also have the option of adding funds with cash at over 5,000 retail locations.

How to INSTALL a SunPass?

  • SunPass Mini
  1. Clean the area where you will be placing your transponder with rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner
  2. Peel off the SunPass Mini backing holding by edges
  3. Stick the Mini to your windshield behind rearview mirror (make sure it is centered and does not have bubbles before applying)
  4. Hold the Mini away from the glass with one hand and press one edge to the glass
  5. Stick the Mini to the glass by rubbing your thumb up and down in a zigzag motion across the entire Mini surface
  6. Be sure to rub over the Mini’s center chip to remove as much air as possible
  7. Step outside of your car and make sure that your Mini is tightly applied to the windshield
  • SunPass Portable
  1. Clean the area where you will be placing your transponder with rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner
  2. Press your Portable against the windshield to enable the suction cups to stick
  3. Each suction cup has a “tab” that can be lifted to facilitate the removal of your Portable

SunPass makes driving easy and helps you save money. The savings can be significant by the end of the year and you’ll never have to pay an administrative fee or have to deal with a paper bill that can get lost in the shuffle of monthly concerns. Pay with cash or auto-load with a low balance of only $10.00. If you move or decide you no longer wish to be enrolled in the SunPass Savings Program, all funds in your account are refunded. Get a SunPass now: