THEA Celebrates Black History Month

February is a time to reflect on and celebrate Black History Month. THEA wishes to take this opportunity to pay homage to a true legend who left a mark on both the football field and the community – Lee Roy Selmon.

Lee Roy Selmon, a Hall of Fame defensive end, played a crucial role in shaping the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ identity. Beyond his athletic prowess, Selmon dedicated his life to community service, embodying the principles of leadership, integrity, and inclusivity. As we honor Black History Month, it’s only fitting to shine a spotlight on the iconic Lee Roy Selmon statue, a symbol of his enduring legacy.

Standing proudly on the Selmon Greenway on the corner of Florida Avenue and Brorein Street in Downtown Tampa, the Lee Roy Selmon statue serves as a reminder of the impact an individual can have on a community. This Black History Month, we invite you to take a moment to appreciate the significance of the Lee Roy Selmon statue. It stands as a testament to the power of unity, diversity, and the positive change that can be sparked by individuals who use their platform for the betterment of society.