Twiggs Street Improvement Project is Complete

Thank you for your patience with THEA’s Twiggs Street Improvement Project! Our construction project began in the Summer of 2020 with the goal of alleviating congestion while exiting the Selmon Expressway Reversible Express Lanes (REL). The REL provides drivers with a direct connection between Brandon and downtown Tampa, allowing for express travel and a seamless commute. But with traffic numbers growing, our agency knew that we could improve traffic flow and also help the pedestrians in this area feel safer along Twiggs Street near the REL exit.

We invested $3.5 million in the Twiggs Street Improvement Project and coordinated with over ten agencies and utilities to ensure that all underground infrastructure remained uninterrupted during construction. The project was completed in August 2022, garnering positive feedback from our REL commuters, neighborhood parents, and local teachers. With a downtown school near the REL exit ramp, we aimed to go above and beyond to accommodate the community’s needs and prioritize pedestrian safety. With project completion, below is a list of our improvements to the area. 

Twiggs Street Improvement Project Details:

  • Provided a dedicated lane from the REL to northbound Nebraska Avenue
  • Expanded sidewalks to improve shared use for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Added pedestrian countdown heads at every signalized crosswalk
  • Protected right-turn phasing where the most common pedestrian incidents occur
  • Expanded signage to warn drivers of pedestrians for the right turn along Twiggs Street
  • Added high-visibility striped crosswalks and patterned pavement crosswalks to increase visibility
  • Installed dynamic message signs for Twiggs Street Garage driveways for driver parking availability
  • Added landscaping, electrical upgrades, and an improved pedestrian-friendly space near Channelside Academy of Math and Science and Tampa Union Station

Our agency is dedicated to improving your downtown commute and making the Selmon network safer and more efficient for local businesses, schools, and residents.