Setting a routine for your morning drive

How you start the day matters. It sets the course for your whole day including how you feel and how you treat other people. If you feel rushed as you leave for your morning commute, you are more likely to drive in an impatient manner that affects others. Here are THEA’s tips to help you […]

We are so honored to have been chosen as a 2015 Urban Excellence Award winner by the Tampa Downtown Partnership. Being a part of the growth of the Tampa Bay community and making the downtown more connected, is a core belief of our organization. Our collaboration with AIA Design Week allowed us to feature the […]

If you spend at least twenty minutes each day in your car and feel triggered with stress, you need to find some coping techniques before you carry this stress to work or home to your families. Here are several ways you can help yourself find a more relaxing and enjoyable commute: 1. Listen to music […]

December is Road Trip season! Whether you have winter vacation planned or are visiting your family for the holidays, driving can be an economical (and even fun!) way to get there. Here are our top five tips for planning your next road trip. Give yourself plenty of time. The worst feeling on a road trip […]

The Selmon West Extension project is one of several potential projects that Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) has on their first-ever five-year work program. The Selmon Extension is a 1.6-mile toll lane that runs above the median of Gandy Boulevard that will allow a choice for local residents and regional travelers: use Gandy Blvd. for local […]

According to the FCC, distracted driving accounted for 16% of all fatal crashes in 2008 and 21% of accidents involving injuries. Music, cell phones and passengers are the biggest concerns to distract a young driver. Talk to them about setting boundaries for their passengers such as setting appropriate noise levels and calming down in-car rowdiness. […]

Happy We are giving away $100 in SunPass Gift Cards! Tag us in a social media post on Instagram, FaceBook or Twitter with the hashtag  #loveyourdrive  between now and December 16th and will enter you in a drawing for a $25 SunPass Gift Card! A total of 4 winners will be randomly chosen (10 lucky runner-ups […]

THEA’s Board approves a $2.5 million budget for enhancements to the Selmon Greenway. As part of THEA’s ongoing commitment to the region, we are upgrading and enhancing the Selmon Greenway. Earlier this week, THEA’s Board of Directors approved a $2.5 million dollar budget to enhance the Selmon Greenway and essentially make the Selmon Greenway Green! The […]

Pop-Up Design Fest on Selmon Greenway   The theme of this year’s Pop-Up Design festival was ‘Mobility and Connectivity’. Five teams of multi-disciplinary designers use the west end of the Selmon Greenway to create interactive installations. The designs were meant to inspire and encourage participation and engagement from the community in the making of their […]

Some days you need a little inspiration for your drive. Here are our top 10 Driving Quotes: 1. Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you and scorn in the one ahead. Mac McCleary 2. Leave sooner, drive slower, live longer. Author Unknown  3. Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly. […]

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