Apps to Use to Stay off Your Phone

THEA wants everyone who drives on the Selmon Expressway to take our 30-day challenge and put their cell phones down while driving. It is a dangerous habit, and many of you have already felt that drivers seem “spacier” than they used to be. Your mind literally can not handle the focus needed to simultaneously drive […]

While agencies like ours are always striving to make driving safer and to reduce the potential for crashes, there are still dangers to road travel. Complicating safety more is a society of drivers that are attached to their phones. The advantages that a smartphone offers in round the clock accessibility helps us accomplish work outside […]

Driving doesn’t have to be a drag. You can turn up the tunes or plug into an inspiring podcast to make your drive more relaxing and enjoyable. Audio books are also a great way to make a commute pass with ease. Before your next road trip or downtown commute, print out our list of top […]

Our agency takes an active approach in beautifying our community and activating spaces to cultivate an enhanced enjoyment of our region. Every year, we work with community partners on projects near the Selmon Expressway or one of our other roadways that have been identified as areas in need of enhancement. It might be the construction […]

Major cities are experiencing unprecedented population growth, exacerbating their already substantial problems in providing essential services. This volume draws on the significant advances in technologies and management strategies made in recent decades to suggest ways to improve urban life and services. One of the biggest challenges world-class cities face is how to address transportation to […]

Our agency spearheaded the THEA Connected Vehicle Pilot aiming to improve traffic safety for vehicles and pedestrians and also decrease the commute time in Tampa’s Central Business District. Tampa was the first out of three cities to deploy the pilot and the only one to deliver on time to the USDOT. We are now moving […]

Brandon Parkway is a three-mile toll-free parkway that feeds traffic on and off of the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway’s Reversible Express Lanes (REL), providing for easy commuting to downtown Tampa. Brandon Parkway connects to Lumsden Road, Providence Road, Town Center Boulevard, and Lakewood Drive. It also provides pedestrian and biking paths that bring options and […]

Everything about 2020 seems to be breaking the mold on normal, bringing us into unchartered waters as we navigate how to get together to collaborate and learn in ways that are safe for everyone. That is why we decided to bring our global audience an online experience instead. This year, we will host the FAV […]

Dear Pet Owners, Wow, 2020 has been a RUFF year! But that doesn’t mean everything has to go to waste. We need your help in keeping the Deputy Kotfila Memorial Dog Park clean and healthy for you and your pet. We are happy so many dogs and their humans like to play under the shade […]