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Media Coverage

Fall has officially begun, which means cooler temperatures that invite you to spend more time outside.  As a break from your normal routine, why don’t you try an afternoon stroll or bike ride along the Selmon Greenway?  The 1.7-mile paved trail is a great way to see all of the sights that the Riverfront, Downtown […]

Joe Waggoner is one of Tampa’s most well-respected transportation experts. Before he became the CEO of THEA 9 years ago, he served as Assistant Director for the state of Maryland Department of Transportation’s Office of Planning and Capital Programming, where he was responsible for the development of the Department’s capital programs, including highways, transit, rail, […]

On September 4, 2011, Tampa Bay lost our beloved Lee Roy Selmon. It is hard to believe it’s already been five years since his passing. His contributions to our community are too numerous to list individually but, needless to say, they affected almost every area of life in Tampa Bay, from education to business to [...]

Places To Beat The Heat in Tampa Bay Sometimes as Floridians, we feel like hibernating not in the beautiful cool winter months as people in other parts of the country, but in the sweltering Summer months when we have a blanket of thick humidity looming in the air. You don’t have to spend your whole […]

Download the 2016 FAV Demonstrator Packet Download the 2016 FAV Exhibitor Prospectus Here  Congratulations, because you are an industry leader, you’ve been selected to demonstrate your companies’ Automated Vehicle technology at The 4th Annual Florida Automated Vehicles (FAV) Summit on November 29th and 30th in downtown Tampa. This will allow you to highlight and promote your […]

How to Merge onto a Highway Merging onto a highway can feel like one of the more stressful and demanding requirements of your drive. Despite all drivers taking pretty much the same type of driving skills test, many of us on the roads might need a refresher on what is the “right” way to merge […]

Car Emergency Kit Most of us make sure our cars meet safety standards for safe driving by having recommended oil changes, regular maintenance reviews and getting timely repairs. Even with all of this, we can all still experience an unexpected emergency. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, you should always have an emergency kit […]

Driving to school for the first time Driving to school for the first time can be nerve wrecking for new drivers. Typically, they are alone in the car on their ride to school and have to be entirely reliant on their own driving skills and decisions making. In time, this will help to build their […]

How to change a tire Everyone should know how to change a tire. Even though we hope it never happens to you, it is good to have an understanding of what to do if this emergency arises. On the Selmon Expressway, we have Road Rangers that are available during the week to assist our motorists, […]

Back to School Driving Safety Tips August 10th is back to school time for Bay area students.  Many of you have noticed that traffic lightens over the summer months, but you will begin to see more cars on the roads again with the beginning of the school year. This is a great opportunity to refresh […]