Moving Slower Can Make You Happier

Slow Down – How moving slower can make you happier

It has been said, that speed is the disease of our time. When we move at a hurried pace, we might get a lot done, but many times it not done as well as it could be with more focus. “The Slow Movement” is about slowing it all down. It can be slowing down the way that you drive, cook, eat, read, etc. People in the United States, are reporting the highest stress levels that we have ever seen, so slowing down the pace may be the remedy we seek. But how do we make it happen?

Slow down your driving

The next time you need to be somewhere, make a conscious effort to leave 5 minutes earlier and then drive the speed limit. The busy mindset of doing “one more thing” before you get into your car can put unnecessary pressure on you and forces you to feel like you should speed up your driving. Hurried driving adds unnecessary stress to your life, and makes the roads more dangerous for you, and other drivers and pedestrians. Leaving earlier, and slowing down your driving might give you time to appreciate the music on your radio and the scenery of your drive a little more. Think about how nice it would be to arrive early to your next appointment and use your wait time to check your email/social media/etc.

Slow down your cooking

While there is often a rush to get a meal to the table, make at least one meal a week where you enjoy the aspects of cooking fresh ingredients and a meal that needs some time and attention. It could be a fresh pasta sauce that simmers for hours and fills your home with the aroma of pure comfort food or a roasted chicken. Food nurtures connection and happiness and this is one way to feel the effects of slowing down to enjoy the pleasure of a home-cooked meal.

Slow down your exercise

Do one exercise a week where you are not competing against yourself or listening to fast paced music in a gym. Just go for a walk outside and give yourself about an hour to walk and look. You may have a friend join you to enhance the power of slowing down and connecting with one another.