Promises Made, Promises Kept

Can you spot the difference in these photos? The photo on the left is actually a rendering of the Selmon Extension project when we presented it to the public. The photo on the right was taken in early February 2020 of the project at 90% completion. Pretty close, huh? There is one difference that is apparent. The public voted on the Estuary design that you see in the columns which our team decided would be more vibrant with a darker shade of blue.

THEA landscaped under the Selmon Extension to beautify the area with plantings, pavers, and other design elements. We planted hundreds of palms, bald cypress trees, maples, sweet bay magnolia trees, and colorful flowering plants. Our crews also installed over 2,600 recycled brick pavers. The outcome is a median that is aesthetically pleasing to local drivers who use Gandy Boulevard to visit local businesses.

As the Selmon Extension project moves toward the final configuration, the prime contractor continues monitoring all aspects of completion, making sure the bridge is built per design specification and that Gandy Boulevard gets repaved and restriped before the new elevated roadway opens to the public.

Our hope is that the Selmon Extension will be a Tampa Bay landmark that gives our drivers a smooth route for traveling from St. Petersburg to Tampa. We open at 12 noon on April 19th, 2020!