THEA Projects Add Vision Zero Initiatives

THEA is committed to investing in projects that include safe walkability for the growing Tampa Bay population. Options to walk, bike, drive, ride, and share without compromising safety are essential. For Tampa to thrive, we need to provide a variety of travel modalities for people to choose how to best get to their destinations. At THEA, we collaborate with many different partners so that we can be a part of a connected system of roads, trails, transit, and shared transportation routes. We prioritize community safety needs and strive to meet the city’s Vision Zero goals. With signalized timings, pedestrian refuges, sidewalk enhancements, urban trails, and more, our agency helps Tampa’s pedestrians travel with ease. 

Underpass Improvements 

We work to improve our underpasses to allow for better connections between neighborhoods through maintenance and infrastructure improvements. Many of our projects include lighting designs, landscaping, and wide sidewalks. The South Selmon Capacity Project will improve all the underpasses within the project scope. 

Brandon Parkway 

When THEA designed the Brandon Parkway, we knew that walkability would increase with the area’s dense resident population. Therefore, we made pedestrian safety a priority when we created this design. With signalized crosswalks and 15-foot wide sidewalks, foot traffic is steady, and Brandon Parkway has become a beautiful outlet for those looking to get outside and get active. 

Meridian Avenue

Meridian Avenue was designed with 15-foot wide sidewalks to accommodate biking and pedestrian traffic. In addition, there are pedestrian refuges in the median with an entirely lit path for pedestrian safety and evening travel. Six signalized crosswalks line the 0.8-mile corridor, giving pedestrians points to safely cross Meridian Ave. Several elementary schools within the neighborhood use this stretch of the Selmon Greenway for their physical education classes.

Connecting Downtown Neighborhoods

The Whiting Street Project Development & Environment (PD&E) Study seeks to find ways to improve the grid network in eastern downtown Tampa. We’re looking at potential improvements that will enhance safety and community connections in downtown Tampa. Expanding the grid enhances pedestrian convenience and safety. 

Our Twiggs Street Improvement Project also added connectivity and walkability to the project scope. By adding an additional right turn lane on Westbound Twiggs Street, we were able to improve traffic flow from the REL (Reversible Express Lanes) during key rush hours and make commutes on the Selmon less hectic for downtown drivers. Along with this improvement, we also helped the parents, teachers, and students at the neighborhood school by adding a sidewalk and a crosswalk.

With over 200,000 daily expressway commuters and thousands of pedestrians utilizing THEA’s urban trail networks, our agency is focused on adding value to the community and offering transportation options that enhance the quality of life.