THEA to Inject $733M into the Local Economy

The Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) announced a robust work plan that will provide significant upgrades and capacity improvements to the Selmon Expressway and the agency’s entire network of roads and trails in the Tampa Bay region. Over the next six years, THEA will inject over $733 million into the region that will enhance the transportation infrastructure, and give more connected options for safe, multimodal transportation.

“This work plan allows us to use our agency’s incredible resources to bring well-thought-out, finely crafted transportation solutions that will have a positive economic impact on the community,” said THEA CEO & Executive Director Greg Slater.

All upcoming and current projects are funded 100% through THEA’s toll revenues and bonds, ensuring that finite taxpayer dollars are reserved for other transportation and community needs. In addition, THEA’s $733 million Six-Year Work Program was developed to prioritize the transportation infrastructure that is key to ensuring that Tampa Bay maintains a high quality of life as it attracts new residents. In the plan, both the East and South segments of the Selmon Expressway will receive capacity improvements, providing the region with economic development opportunities by creating jobs and enhancing our regional infrastructure to meet Tampa Bay’s explosive population growth.

As a leader in transportation solutions, THEA has earned accolades for cutting-edge projects, such as the first reversible All-Electronic Tolling (AET) lanes, Autonomous Vehicle Technology (AVT) test bed designation, and the THEA Connected Vehicle Pilot. In addition, the 2022-2027 Work Plan continues to solidify the agency’s commitment to enhancing the community’s transportation options, including multimodal connectivity, with a focus on livability and well-being with the Selmon Expressway network, Selmon Greenway multi-use trail, and pocket parks.

THEA is projected to invest $663.6 million in community enhancement and expanded capacity projects and $69.6 million in maintenance and preservation projects. Highlights of the Six-Year Work Program include:

  1. Community Enhancements
  • Selmon Greenway Improvements
  • Meridian Avenue Pedestrian Improvements
  • Bay to Bay Boulevard Aesthetics
  1. Infrastructure Improvements
  • South Selmon Capacity Improvement Project
  • Twiggs Street Improvement Project
  • East Selmon Additional Access Ramps
  • Whiting Street Improvements
  • Railroad Track Removal for Grid Connectivity
  • Continued Preservation and Maintenance of Existing Facilities
  1. Project Development & Environment Studies
  • Nebraska Avenue PD&E
  • East Selmon PD&E
  1. Technology & Innovation Enhancements
  • Connected Vehicle (CV) Pilot
  • Road Ranger Incident Response
  • Intelligent Transportation System Infrastructure Enhancements such as Dynamic Message Signs, Cameras, and CV Technology
  • Toll Operations Infrastructure & Tolling Technology Testing

Read the complete 2022-2027 THEA Work Program by clicking here.