Top 3 Transportation Technologies We Saw at #2022FAVSummit

The Florida Automated Vehicles (FAV) Summit is the premier venue to promote the most advanced technology being researched and implemented in automated, connected, electric, and shared (ACES) fields. Featured experts from around the world addressed groundbreaking transportation technologies and what to expect as these technologies become implemented in Florida and across the country. Here are the top 3 emerging transportation technologies that we saw during this year’s 10th annual summit:

Automated vehicles are last-mile transportation solutions.

FAV’s mission is to gain insight into what Florida is doing to create the ideal climate for implementing and deploying autonomous and connected vehicle technologies. The policy is being implemented so automated vehicles can become critical transportation solutions, particularly in transit. An automated vehicle in transit helps homebound individuals move more freely without relying on a caregiver for transportation. When a community has the freedom to travel, quality of life is enhanced, and equity is achieved.


The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) and Beep will deliver the nation’s largest-ever autonomous shuttle projects to enhance mobility-for-all. The Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C) is a comprehensive program to modernize and expand the Skyway and introduce autonomous vehicles (AVs) into JTA’s transportation system. By transforming the current Skyway, extending the reach within the urban core through the Bay Street Innovation Corridor, and expanding beyond into adjacent neighborhoods, U2C supports the vision of a vibrant, revitalized, and better-connected Downtown Jacksonville.

Highlighted at FAV Summit was the first phase of the U2C program, the Bay Street Innovation Corridor (BSIC). This route is the East Corridor and extends at the current terminal of the Skyway’s Central Station, east to the Sports/Entertainment District/TIAA Bank Field. The federally funded project will be the initial phase of the U²C program and introduce autonomous vehicles along a key transportation corridor in Downtown Jacksonville.

Electric mobility is here.

States across the country are looking at infrastructure enhancements that can help support the electric mobility revolution. There is a massive shift in the consumer mindset towards electric- they want vehicles that are less expensive in maintenance, have lower fuel costs and are better for the planet. They want their city to have infrastructure that makes charging seamless. City fleets are encouraged to go electric, thanks to the savings offered.

Arcimoto was a demonstrator at this year’s event. Their electric vehicles are fun, open air, and a great way to get around shorter distances.

Commercial transportation will become more automated

Creating corridors with policy in place for automated commercial transportation through the south, to Texas, and across other prime routes in the United States will be key to implementation. TuSimple was at FAV Summit and provided data about how automated commercial vehicles can enhance safety and efficiency in transporting goods.

Join us next year when the FAV Summit comes to Tampa! The 11th Annual FAV Summit begins September 5th at the Waterside Marriot.