Vision Zero Identified Opportunities: South Selmon

THEA plans to make multiple improvements and countermeasures to the South Selmon Expressway area (Himes Avenue to Whiting Street) to improve overall safety and mobility for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. THEA worked with the City of Tampa to determine the safety and operational needs for this area. As a result, the South Selmon Expressway Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study identified improvements to address current deficiencies related to pedestrian and bike movements. The following is an overview of the identified countermeasures designed to ensure consistency with the Vision Zero framework. 

Improvements for Pedestrians 

For a safe and enhanced walking environment, this project will install the following at multiple interchanges/cross streets:  

  • Pedestrian countdown heads: Installed at Euclid Ramp Terminus and Willow Ramp Terminus
  • Enhanced ITS Technology: Pedestrian detection to extend crossing time when a pedestrian is detected within the intersection at all ramp terminius 
  • High-visibility crosswalk: Installed at Euclid Ramp Terminus and Willow Ramp Terminus 
  • Intersection lighting/crosswalk lighting: Euclid and Willow Avenue interchanges (including street lighting, under-deck decorative lighting, as well as lighting along Selmon Expressway)
  • Pedestrian yield signs: Installed at Euclid Ramps and Willow Ramps
  • Raised medians and pedestrian refuge islands along with corridor access points 


Improvements for Bicyclists

To improve safety and access for bicyclists, this project will install the following at multiple interchanges/cross streets: 

  • Bike lanes (Euclid and Willow Avenues) with green colored bike pavement markings along Willow


Improvements for Motorists

To improve safety and slow vehicle speeds at the ramps, the project will include the following: 

  • Signal timing improvements (Euclid, Bay to Bay, and Willow Avenues)
  • New traffic signals at intersections (Euclid ramp terminus)
  • Right turn on red restrictions (Cleveland Street to Willow Northbound Avenue) 


Vision Zero Performance Metrics* 

The project improvements and countermeasures are anticipated to assist: 

  • Reduction of overall crashes in the study area by 17% 
  • Reduction of injury type crashes in the corridor by 22% 
  • Reduction of damage type crashes in the passage by 18% 
  • Reduction of multiple vehicle crashes in the corridor by 29%

For more information on the South Selmon PD&E Study and capacity improvement plans, please visit our website at