Thanksgiving Family “Staycation”

Make Your Thanksgiving Family “Staycation” Feel Like a True Vacation

With kids being off of school for a full week in Hillsborough County the week of Thanksgiving, you might be having a staycation. Here are our tips to make your staycation with your family feel like a bit of a vacation:

Sleep In

This goes without saying but taking a break from the alarm clock can feel amazingly luxurious. Get up late and then move slowly. Have your coffee outside or make pancakes and eggs. Try not to check any news outlets or social media until you have gone outside and taken a few breaths of fresh air.

Take a Nature Hike

Give your family a dose of a natural beauty and find a trail that you can hike or bike. Getting outside for a few hours in the great outdoors will feel like a pleasant retreat from the busyness and sounds of the city.

Treat Yourselves to a Spa Treatment

Everyone loves a day of pampering. See if a local spa will give you a discount on family massages. You could do half-hour massages for everyone followed by a movie night at the house to keep that sense of relaxation going through the evening.

Being together as a family is more important than any amount of spending you will ever do. Give each other the gift of time and attention this Thanksgiving.
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