THEA Cares: Selmon Greenway Gets An Update

While we know people love their cars and there is some security in using your own private vehicles during the COVID-19 pandemic, we also know that having good, connective paths for walking and biking is crucial in great cities. We know that Tampa IS a great city and our agency continues to invest in making it even better. The goal of the Selmon Greenway has always been to create a safe mobility corridor for pedestrians and bicyclists. Working with urban planners and our engineers, we have additional Selmon Greenway segments that are in the works. The Selmon Greenway is 15 feet wide sidewalk that provides connectivity to the neighborhoods throughout downtown Tampa, wrapping around the city with a 1.7-mile urban green spine. Here is what we have planned to make our Selmon Greenway a safe and effective route in your transportation plan.

Selmon Greenway Improvements Coming Soon:

Florida Avenue to Jefferson Street: The Selmon Greenway improvements will provide a  pedestrian path to the new USF Medical School on the corner of Channelside Drive and Meridian Avenue and to the CAMLS building in downtown Tampa. Once completed, students and staff will be able to safely walk or ride scooters between the two buildings for work and classes. 

Whiting Street to Meridian Avenue: With more residential and commercial development planned for downtown Tampa, pedestrian traffic is expected to increase between Kennedy Boulevard and Amelie Arena. The greenway improvements will provide a safe pedestrian route for this increased usage. 

Meridian Avenue to 19th Street: We are working with the City of Tampa to develop a trail in this area based on the residential and commercial development expected for the Channel District and Ybor City. Both areas of town have plans for development and the Selmon Greenway will link these communities to their downtown restaurants, work, and riverfront areas.

Now more than ever, people are understanding the value of getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. THEA re-invests our customer-based revenues back into the community with projects like the Selmon Greenway that improve the quality of life for urban dwellers and visitors and also provide the world-class transportation network which makes great cities stand apart from the rest.