THEA Innovation: Implemented Connected Vehicle Technology

THEA has been working with the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) since 2015 to integrate Connected Vehicle (CV) concepts into the transportation infrastructure and participants’ privately owned vehicles. This vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) technology has alerted 14 drivers to date of wrong-way entry onto the Selmon Expressway Reversible Express Lanes (REL).  

Along with those valuable wrong-way alerts, on an average weekday, our CV Pilot program warned 10 participants in vehicles of possible collisions. The CV technology has also given approximately 1,500-speed advisories per month on the Selmon Expressway REL. These alerts bring lifesaving solutions and reduce incidents that can lead to car crashes. 

The U.S. DOT estimates that connected vehicle technology can reduce crashes by 80% once fully implemented. When surveyed after they participated in the CV Pilot, participants stated that the technology improved safety, mobility, and the stress of driving. For example, 66% of participants felt the technology helped enhance their safety, and over half said it helped reduce congestion and created a less stressful commute.   

The CV Pilot was so successful that the U.S. DOT asked THEA to continue to the next phase in the Connected Vehicle space and begin working with auto industry manufacturers. As a result, THEA is proud to announce that it is collaborating with Honda R&D Americas, LLC, Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc., and Toyota Motor North America to deploy vehicles in Tampa with installed connected vehicle technology. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) vehicles and hardware provide the next evolution of delivering safer transportation. 

If you want to participate in this next phase, you can fill out this brief survey to see if your vehicle qualifies. CV Pilot participants can receive up to a $550 rebate on Selmon Expressway tolls by participating in the program.